The Alaska Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta began in a humble way through the efforts of a few new Theta friends living in Anchorage. Christi Froiland recently returned to Alaska after some years in the Lower 48 and inquired with Theta HQ if there were any Thetas in Alaska interested in forming a chapter. At about the same time, Anchorage resident Krista Scott tendered an interest to connect with Thetas. Coincidentally, Julia Martinez, BK, Drake, '77 made inquiry with Theta HQ, curious that Alaska was the only state without an alumnae chapter. Reviewing the data provided by HQ, we learned there were nearly 160 Theta residents of Alaska, and of those about 100 in the Anchorage bowl area. The opportunity came up for the three new Theta friends to meet and together over coffee resounded, "I'm in", followed by, "Just how hard can it be, and if our aim is fun, I'm in".

A gathering was planned and Thetas across Alaska were contacted for an initial planning meeting in September, 2007. Christi, Krista and Julia sent surveys to ask what our Alaska gals might want to do and if they would join us in creating the chapter. A charter was submitted to HQ and thus an Alaska alumnae chapter was put on the map! Now, every two years Alaska leads the alumnae roll call at Theta Grand Convention, the only 'state' alumnae chapter. Since 2007, Julia, Christi and Krista tried to keep focused to get just the right tone and tempo to make our chapter successful. Over time, Thetas in Alaska are enjoying new friendships and remain committed to our chapter. Our self-proclaimed goal is to have fun and make new friends through Theta, yet we are also committed to HQ requirements: one fundraiser each year, connecting as we can to help collegian Thetas from Alaska, supporting CASA Alaska and having our mid-winter Founders Day celebration. The Alaska alumnae chapter is unique in how it seeks to represent and connect all Alaska Thetas across the state, as well in how the chapter has a wide variety of college chapters represented and other diversity too. Alaska Thetas are extraordinary! While the expanse of our state makes it difficult to meet often, we know we can still remember our common bond in Theta, even in Alaska! Alaska Thetas share both in their bond of sisterhood, but also their story of Alaska.
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